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Artistic Guidelines

Artistic Director Project Example:

For the launch of KENZO POUR HOMME. I worked on all the visual ideas that we would have with the marketing team and shape them into a booklet in order to get the approvals inside LVMH but also to give the brief to the perfumer, bottle artist, film maker and so on. For LA BULLE KENZO same thing, putting together all the visual answers to the ideas we had. Same thing for the poppy fields etc.

Kenzo for men

As we changed all the packagings for the perfumes, for them to be more consistant with the flowerbykenzo line, we had to update the commercials.

First we made a guideline chart in which all the products should fit in.

Then we briefed our agency “Anita Kitchen” with the artistic guidelines here shown for the new ad.

Kenzo Flower poppy fields

Once we had settled for this event, I worked to make all the details perfect. I worked with the production agency to set the poppies as if we were entering inside the fields. I made a soundtrack in the poppy fields with voices ushering “flowerbykenzo” with different voices, almost sounding like the wind. I worked with light technicians so that at night the poppy field would slowly light up like someone breathing. And at the end, edited a book that was given to the press.