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Alivestyle Designer

Bringing life to objects and places

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My approach as an “alivestyle designer” is to bring life and soul to objects and spaces so that they go beyond the simple utilitarian. Creating personality through details is my personal touch, it helps me create pieces that forge lasting relationships with clients/consumers.

After having studied Decorative Arts in France and Spain, I first worked as a designer for LVMH Group, including brands such as Christian Dior Perfums and Kenzo Perfumes.


I then moved to New York in 2003 and extended my creative experience to interior and furniture design for Davines, designing spas and areas associated with Comfort Zone brand.


Moving to Doha in 2009, I designed furniture for local brands such as Maya Paris and Akoya Design.


Expect from me a lively obvious chic design work and details that will make a cohesive, inspirational and unique environment.

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